An Oilfield Construction Company That Gives Back To Alberta Communities

S7 EPFC is deeply involved in the communities we work in throughout Alberta. We are able to give back through sponsorships, donating to organizations and the support work we do in these communities. 



Maskwacis Warriors Ball Team Sponsors 2018 – 2021

S7 is proud to have sponsored the Maskwacis Warriors Ball Team from 2018 to 2021. We were honored to provide an opportunity for youth in the Maskwacis community to participate in their athletic interests. Way to go guys! It was another homerun for the local community. 


Community Work


Fall Cutting Wood for Elders - 2020

Our team is committed to supporting local communities. S7 was grateful for the chance to help local elders with wood cutting. We saw this as a great way to give back in a meaningful way as it was able to keep community members sustained through the colder months. We thank all the elders who participated with us in this event. 

Residential School Survivors - 2021

Members of S7 EPFC humbly took part in this event of memory and recognition of Residential School survivors. Some of the stories were hard to reconcile, but the strengthened sense of community we felt would be impossible to deny. S7 would like to thank all those who participated alongside us in this solemn event. 




Food Bank Architectural Drawing Donation 2019

The Food Bank is a charity that S7 was pleased to support. We were able to donate architectural plans for this community-strengthening project. Offsetting these upfront design costs meant more funding would be available for food for the less fortunate. The Food Bank and S7 are very happy with the result, and you can take that to the bank! 

Doctor Clinic Architectural Drawing Donation 2021

S7 appreciates the opportunity to donate architectural plans to a local doctor’s clinic. By donating these drawings, we were able to help this clinic reduce the cost and time of constructing this important building for the community. This was a great way for us to use our in-house expertise to give back to the local community in an impactful way.