An Indigenous Company and Indigenous Partnerships

S7 EPFC is a proudly Indigenous company.

Kimberly Simpson, our Business Development/Office Manager and Director of Indigenous Relations, is a proud member of Pasqua First Nation #79. She, along with the rest of our team, works to keep S7 connected with Indigenous communities.



S7 EPFC values our relationships with Indigenous communities throughout Alberta. We have developed and maintained strong partnerships with:

  • Samson Cree Nation
  • Enoch Cree Nation



S7 also acknowledges local Indigenous communities as invaluable partners in our oilfield construction company. We are committed to incorporating these communities into our projects.
We do this to:

  • Share the economic benefits of the oil and gas industry
  • Strengthen and build mutually beneficial relationships
  • Recognize and respect their individual Cultures, Values, and Traditions

If you would like to learn more about our connection with Indigenous communities, contact the team at S7 EPFC.