Reliable fabrication services provide a strong foundation for your oil & gas operations. S7 EPFC is capable of fabricating modular skids, process piping, buildings and other elements of your oil & gas operation’s infrastructure. In addition, S7 is capable of fabricating any custom or specialty items that you may require. 

S7 EPFC’s project delivery model is based on 100% shop fabrication. We fabricate, hydro test, and NDE test in a controlled environment with a consistent crew. By providing this kind of environment, we can add many benefits to your project. 

  • Lowering manufacturing costs
  • Early detection of design inconsistencies
  • Reducing lead times
  • Less re-work 
  • Combining material procurement
  • Maintaining a singular markup for the client
  • Enhancing quality assurance
  • A common safety protocol for all workers

Our fabrication services have been proven to improve our oil & gas clients’ projects when compared to traditional build methods. S7’s pre-fabrication model also reduces onsite in-directs, travel, and subsistence costs. 

If you would like to find out how we can support your project with our fabrication services, contact S7 EPFC today.