The current unpredictable nature of supply chains in the oil & gas industry can cause headaches for your team. At S7 EPFC, we ensure that the process of your procurement project goes as smoothly as possible. We offer comprehensive purchasing and supply chain management services to support any scope of procurement for your operation.

  • Identifying cost-savings
  • Utilizing supplier relationships
  • Increasing spend efficiency
  • Reducing review times
  • Mitigating supply chain risks


RFP Review

All scopes of work receive an RFP review before being released for bid. This helps to ensure detailed and concise communication between vendors and engineering.

IFC Packages

Complete IFC packages, with detailed drawings and specifications, are provided before a bid is issued or construction begins. This helps to limit the RFI process and provides cost savings through reduced review times.

Network of Suppliers

By utilizing our vast network of suppliers, we limit markup percentages by only transferring one markup to you rather than applying multiple markups.